North America: Cancun, Mexico | Mexico City, Mexico | Cozumel, Mexico | New York City, NY | Washington, DC | Baltimore, MD | Boston, MA | Philadelphia, PA | Charlotte, NC | Greensboro, NC | Atlanta, GA Miami, FL | Fort Lauderdale, FL | Orlando, FL | New Orleans, LA | Los Angeles, CA

Central America: Panama City, Panama | Colon, Panama | Arraijan, Panama

South America: Lima, Peru | Cartagena, Colombia

Caribbean: San Juan, Puerto Rico | Oranjestad, Aruba | Nassau, Bahamas | Bridgetown, Barbados | George Town, Cayman Islands | Roseau, Dominica | Kingston, Jamaica | Montego Bay, Jamaica | Negril, Jamaica | Ocho Rios, Jamaica | Sansouci, St. Lucia | Simpson Bay, St. Maarten | Basseterre, St. Kitts | Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos | St. Thomas, USVI


Krakow, Poland | Wadowice, Poland | Berlin, Germany | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Paris, France | London, UK


Lusaka, Zambia | Mazabuka, Zambia | Cape Town, SA | Johannesburg, SA


Not yet!

Middle East

Not yet!

As you can see, the bulk of my travel has been in the Americas. I am a Caribbean girl by heart and blood, so I have found great pleasure in exploring this corner of the globe. However, in efforts to diversify my experiences and not limit myself to one specific region, my upcoming travels will be focused around discovering new cultures and areas of the world! All locations in purple are currently planned, and happening soon! I look forward to sharing these stories with you! PS: If you've already been to any of my upcoming destinations, feel free to share some travel tips and must-sees with me!

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