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First thing's first... Welcome! My name is Shadeyka, better known by my friends as "Dizzy". Dizzy Discoveries is the travel and lifestyle blog of a regular fat black girl from the inner-city streets of Brooklyn, NY. While I know that this characterization is a bit assertive, I am very candid in my description because this is my true identity. I am honest, real, and unapologetically me. I am dedicated to educating and changing the narrative in the travel space by showing the world that people who look like me are intelligent, vibrant, successful, and well-traveled. 

I was introduced to travel at the tender age of three, and I have been unstoppable ever since. My adventurous spirit and explorative nature has led me to more countries than I can count on my fingers and toes. The incredible and unbelievable experiences that I have had while traveling, has encouraged me to create a community to inspire other travelers. This includes those who aspire to travel, but do not know where or how to begin. I do so through education, advocacy, journalism, and digital story telling.

As a solo female traveler and Finance Guru by trade, I strive to push boundaries, break glass ceilings, and serve as a source of motivation for others — whether that is by encouraging someone to take their first international trip or by helping someone in their journey to financial success. Passion is at the heart of my story. Everything that I do stems from a deep passion and desire to achieve and exude greatness. 

I am so ecstatic that you discovered my website! I hope to brighten your screen by bringing you along with me through this picturesque journey of life. Maybe we will even cross paths along the way! Stay tuned — it’s a bumpy but fun ride! 

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Welcome to Dizzy Discoveries! I'm Shadeyka Warren --  a vibrant and passionate travel blogger, finance expert, journalist, and creative content visionary. My mission is to inspire, motivate, and educate. Join me on my journey, as I discover everything that this beautiful earth has to offer!


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